Seed selection is the key in order to create quality product. We procure the special GMO-free (Genetically Modified Organisms FREE) hybrid seeds from the United States.



The latitude of 46° N, where our producing areas are located, belongs to the so-called „corn belt” in Hungary. It means that here are the most favourable climatic and loam conditions for popcorn maize cultivation. For the production we have hundreds of hectares of family-owned high-quality arable land, and we have been integrating farmers for many years, so our production capacity can be further expanded. Most of the lands are irrigated, so they are not subject to weather conditions.


The quality assurance and tracking system from seed production up to the packaging of our products guarantees the best possible quality, the perfect product. The cropharvested with our own machines – is stored, dried and purified with the latest technology. Due to our plant protection process, our product is toxin free and the Heid Delta cleaning line offers 99% pure product to our customers. Our technology, the facilities and the machinery are continuously being improved, developed and expanded partly by proper and by tender resources.



We have the highest HACCP and IFS Food certification, which is a complete quality management system based on the corresponding manufacturing, distribution and hygiene practices. Receiving the highest Global GAP Certification currently is in progress. Nevertheless we are also happy to adopt any quality management systems that meet our customers’ requirements. The following tests are performed:

  • Microbiological: Salmonella, E. coli, others.
  • Micotoxins: Aflatoxin, Fumonisine and Ochratoxine, others.
  • Heavy metals: Cadmium, Lead, Mercury.
  • Pesticides: Organochlorine and Organiophosphorus.
  • GMOs: Fragment 35S and T-NOS.






Here are the two types of popcorn kernels that we are able to provide: „mushroom”-shaped and „butterfly”-shaped.



It is the volume of popped corn in cubic centimeters, obtained per gram of unpopped corn, which is performed with the Cretors MWVT (Metric Weight Volume Test) Tester. Our RN27-Crookham butterfly-shaped popcorn has reached the world-class 50% popping index on the latest test.

SIZE (K/10)

Number of kernels in 10 gr.


Percentage of kernel’s moisture over total kernel’s weight.


Typically we use from 10 kg and 22.68 kg paper bags up to 1 tons of big-bags, however we can fulfil our customer’s requirements and package the product according to their individual needs.


Keep the product in a dry, fresh and clean place. Temperature must remain below 18 ° C. Do not place the bags on the floor and do not put them in contact with walls and ceiling. Ventilate regularly the stock. Keep away from chemical contaminants. Storage must be free of insects and rodents.