CORN-ORA HUNGARY Ltd. is a fresh family-run company, however the name behind has decades of experience. Our grandfather appears in the logo, who produced corn between World War I and World War II. The dedication and love for cultivation is a family heritage.

My personal experience with popcorn began in 1995 when I was attending a popcorn festival in Ames, Iowa. Then we realized that we must specialize in certain agricultural products the soonest and some types should be adapted to the Central European production. After several successful attempts and with more business trips to the United States, we brought home a complete technology, a storage and cleaning system which still can be found in our establishments. We are able to offer quality popcorn from our own and from integrated farmers’ production. Countries where we have recently sold popcorn are: Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Germany, Greece, Romania, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Despite continuously increasing orders each year, we are able to meet our customers’ demands. In order to satisfy all the potential clients’ needs, we are expanding our capacity. Now we are reaching out to further popcorn processing companies in line with the accumulated knowledge, experience and tradition.

Gergely Oravecz
Executive Director


Drone video of our establishments